What We've Achieved.

  • In 2000 when the Foundation was started, school fees were paid for 50 orphans. In 2012, 800 orphans were being sent to school, and now there are over 1,000

  • One Child-Headed Household received extra help in 2000; in 2012, the number was 130, and now it is over 140

  • The number of basket-making groups has grown from 2 to 23

  • Zienzele started with 2 garden projects; now there are 36

  • In 2000, there were no sewing groups. Now there are 9

Without Zienzele I would not be happy, I would not be a woman, I would not be a human being. I thank Zienzele for giving me the potential to forget about the bad time so that now I can be happy”
— Tendai Simbayani

What We Do.

Zienzele has three types of programs which all work toward the same goal: empowerment of women and children through self-reliance, education, and community building.

Orphan School-Fees Program

Access to an education makes a world of difference for any child, but this is especially true in the villages where Zienzele operates. We
work with caregivers to facilitate revenue-producing projects like basket weaving and sewing projects, that empower them to provide school fees for all the children under their care.

Child-Headed household program

We see increasing numbers of households being run by children who no longer have an adult to supervise their care. These are our most
vulnerable families. We provide these families with basic food staples, household necessities, school fees, and school supplies. 

women's cooperatives program

We work with women’s cooperatives in 38 different communities, operating self-sustaining projects that include goat and chicken-raising, sewing, gardening, and basket-weaving. These
cooperatives empower women by creating the opportunity to work toward their own self-
reliance and to provide for the children in their care. 

Where We Work.