Nancy's notes from the field: Spring 2019

First days in Masvingo:

Masvingo was spared by the cyclone, so Nancy and Prisca are getting right down to business.

Saturday: “I arrived to be greeted by all the Z-House kids, including new arrival Godknows Bvacatcha, who is doing a secondary Ed course at GZU. Tonderai is at an attachment (internship/apprenticeship) in Harare and living with Blessings older sister; Thabani is tutoring math in Chivi; Rodwell is in Beitbridge; Daniel is enjoying his attachment and Petronella goes on attachment in June; Dawn is teaching.”

Sunday: “Blessing left at 4 AM to procure fuel. Prisca and I are thinking about a project of sewing launder-able cloth sanitary pads for the girls in school. Will take some planning, but there is a demand for this. Also planning three community meetings to talk about the center.

Best thing today: Daniel Chitatu told us everything that he has been learning at his attachment! He said that everyone wonders how he got the position- we know the reason: his perseverance! So great to see his enthusiasm, and such a joy to watch him succeed.”

Monday: “First stop was in Chivi to meet with the DA (official) who had caused trouble last year ( he had asked to see proof of my visa saying we had snuck in!) He asked for a list of kids we are paying fees for in Chivi, but we had the information ready- he glanced at it and wished me a lovely visit to Zimbabwe! He must have had bigger fish to fry today. Then down the long and winding road to Chiware with the coordinators and representatives; great turnout, we talked about the Center and the community meetings we will hold in the three areas, the ladies loved the Center plans. I addressed the concerns some ladies had about corruption in the basket show last October by describing the process we use to select the winning baskets; being transparent seemed to calm everyone’s concerns.”