Nancy's notes from the field: Spring 2019

Thursday: “Our day began at 6:30 so that we would have time to pick up all the Poultry Show official dignitaries with the van- including Mr Bodzho, who has officially retired but was eager to come! We walked to Mai Tafadzwa’s home, across the river, past the new garden, and arrived to quite a sight! A shelter "tent" had been set up for the special folks, multitudes of women were already there relaxing over tea and nyimo (cooked ground nuts). Special guests included chiefs, councillors, headmen, kraal heads, teachers, Agritex representatives, and a veterinarian. The show program began at 10 with many speeches. Prisca and I were moved to hear the expressions of gratitude toward Zienzele and to have people tell us what changing the lives of orphans and their caregivers has meant for the broader communities in these villages. The speechifying was followed by a "tour "of the chicken house and lovely entertainment by Musvovi Primary School students. The students recited a poem they had composed in English, and the poem spoke of Zienzele as a bright light that has uplifted women and orphans. To get such a clear (and very cute) sign that our work makes a difference, that felt GREAT. When we headed home we had 19 people in the van, all tobe dropped off along the way. Everyone was happy (and YES, every group that participated got a prize!) but the ladies of First Place Winner Musvovi, second-place Chamatutu and third-place Nemauzhe were especially pleased, as they got bragging rights to last until next year’s competition!”