Getting organized!

We take time at the beginning of our field visits to check in with our regional representatives/coordinators and get organized- in addition to everything else they do, these women ensure that our caregivers and children know when we will visit their village, and when and where our workshop gatherings will happen. SUPER. IMPORTANT.

Our blog regulars might recognize these Zienzele All-Stars taking fun seriously while relaxing over a Scrabble game. These guys have been a huge help with construction of the Zienzele Community Center- this morning, Blessing, Solomon, Daniel, Godknows and Munashe took off at 4:30AM to go dig the latrine holes….. (to be continued)


(latrine holes, continued) … which were carefully sited and marked by the sanitation action group representatives in what Prisca and I have dubbed “poop in the toilet" uniforms. All blushing aside, our community center has the chance to model best sanitation practices, and these guys are helping us do so!

Sure is a striking reminder of how much we take for granted when it comes to even the most basic sanitation considerations.