Nancy's notes from the field: Spring 2019

Tuesday: “Makumure has been through many ups and downs, mostly downs, but today they were great! We met with all the kids, and the caregivers came to our meeting with many more baskets than usual, and of higher quality than we have seen before from this group! Mr. Machokoto also came to our meeting prepared with MANY spoons and bowls! Prisca and I decided to shift some things around financially so that we could buy all the high quality baskets and spoons- this worked out just fine, since we stopped at Mr Edward’s garage and spoke with Mr.Mitchell who said he can offer us car fuel as long as they have a supply. This will save us a bit and definitely saves us the time spent on the search for fuel. Back in Masvingo this evening, we visited again with Petronella, Godknows, Daniel, and Tapiwa to hear about their day and to invite them to participate in our workshops, as they have in the past; it makes a huge difference to have these older “Zienzele Kids” speak to our younger generations of children- they make such great role models and have so much to share. Oh! Some of the young kids have been making grass bracelets, very cute. We encouraged them to keep at it, hope to bring some back Stateside to offer for sale.”