Nancy's notes from the field: Spring 2019

Wednesday: “Rungai is back! We had seen something of a decline in motivation and basket quality over the past few years- but our Rungai caregivers’ group now has an enthusiastic new leader, Mai Chirigo, and WOW Rungai amazed us today: the number of women in the basket-making group has doubled since our last visit in Autumn 2018, and the baskets they presented were both plentiful and beautiful! Our basket purchase more totaled more than the cost of school fees for all the children under their care, so this women’s group is already ahead of the game! We are just SO thrilled to see this reinvigorated women’s group thrive like this! The new headmaster was also pleased because we were able to increase the number of kids on our list to forty, and more kids means more money for the school- something that benefits the headmaster AND the students. The bravest of the kids got extra pencils and pens to reward them for finding the courage to shake hands and chat with Mbuya wa Joseph (aka Nancy, grandmother of Joseph). A day that exceeded all our expectations in the most wonderful way!”