Nancy's notes from the field: Spring 2019

Thursday: “We were out of the house by 6am for the first annual Poultry project competition. Three Agiritex /veterinarian folks served as our judges. They had their criteria: they inspected the structure, protection, ventilation, and hygiene of the coops, and they also considered each committee’s structure, notes, and how each group was organized. We visited Chamatutu, Chikofa , Mupagamure, Chomuruvati, Musvovi, Berejena, Paradza and finally Nemauzhe where we shared a meal of project-chicken and sadza. And the winner was....drumroll......MUSVOVI! This means that next Thursday there will be an all-group Poultry Show at Musvovi. All very exciting, and a great success for a great group and an exceptional leader, Mai Tafadzwa.

Another bit of information about how this works: WOW are we exhausted from walking village to village! For everyone back home who participates in the Walk for Zienzele I have this message: these villages are the ‘stations’ on our fundraising walk, and I want you all to know that walking between these actual villages is MUCH tougher than walking around Occom Pond in Hanover! At one point a huge cobra crossed the road in front of us! We made it back to Masvingo safely with Blessing at the wheel, exhausted but ever so pleased with how the day went.”