Nancy's notes from the field: Spring 2019

Saturday: “First we picked up workshop leader Chipewa Mugabe (no relation, we assume), her interns Aubrey and Princess, and our Zienzele All-Star of the day, Godknows Bvacatcha, and we all headed for our Grade 3-7 workshop in Berejena. We were greeted by EIGHTY-EIGHT kids from Berejena, Makovere, Paradza, and Musvovi. The theme of the workshop was again Be Safe! Be Strong! Be Focused! and our workshop covered issues of health, puberty, HIV, drugs/alcohol, and early marriage- all challenges one encounters on the road of life toward your dream. Many of the children want to be teachers, soldiers, nurses, drivers, and we even got one lawyer. The children were great, everyone very open and interactive, and for Prisca and I, the highlight was seeing Godknows share his own story of struggles with poverty, caring for an aging Gogo (grandmother), going to South Africa in search of work (something that is a high risk choice), and finally coming back to Zimbabwe, getting and staying focused, and now being at Great Zimbabwe University! Lots of games, songs, an exciting game of frisbee toss, and all in all a super-fun day for the kids with a lot of education tossed in. it was GREAT to be there!”