Nancy's notes from the field: Spring 2019

Saturday in Musvovi “We went back to Musvovi for our official school visit and basket purchase. We met with all the kids- forty-eight of them! Prisca and I were impressed by their confidence and willingness to speak English with Mai Joseph (Nancy). These students are speaking at a much higher level than any of the other schools, and several of them had used their English skills in the entertainment program at the Poultry Show.

Zienzele All-Star for today: Darlington Gumbo is one of three kids in a Child-Headed Household that we support. He is in Grade 7 and was #1 in his class last term! Hooray Darlington! He wants to be a doctor. Prisca and I are determined to figure out a way for him to attend Berejena Secondary School.

We then went to meet the caregivers- they were all still pumped about the poultry show. This is becoming a much younger group with a promising 15 new members- so there were many little babies, children of the younger generation. The three best weavers are aging and have been sick; their influence was missed, as both the quality and quantity were down- something we have seen in other groups where new younger members are stepping up and learning what the expectations are. Musvovi has often been tops in basket sales, but this visit their total from the sale was less than Rungai. I think the focus of the village has been on the chickens and perhaps the baskets paid the price! That said, we had a productiove meeting with the women, and as with the other groups, I suspect quality and quantity will improve as younger members catch on.”