Rhaditzho Shumba

In a previous post about Berejena, we introduced you to Rhadidzho Shumba.

from that post: “Our one remaining child is Rhatidzo Shumba- she is in fifth grade, and she has cerebral palsy. Her family chose not to care for her, but four years ago, an elderly neighbor who had been part of Zienzele took her in. Zienzele has supported Rhaditzo and her aging caregiver for the past four years as part of our Child-Headed Household program. She has done well in school and wants to be a lawyer. With continued support, we hope to see her reach her goal!”

We went back to Berejena yesterday, and we thought you might like to see a photo of Rhaditzho and her beautiful smile!

If you would like to join our effort to support Rhaditzho, please consider sponsorship through our Child-Headed Household program.